Well, you have to start somewhere

Everything must have a beginning. (Well, except possibly for the universe as a whole, but that's a whole 'nother subject.)

This is a non-ranting entry. There may be more or less of these as time goes by. The first few things I plan to post will be true rants. Expect sound and fury, probably signifying nothing.

I hope in the long run, however, that there is a greater purpose to my ranting here. I have strong feelings about the stupid things that people do with technology. Expect that to be a recurring theme.

Who am I and why should I presume to raise my voice?

I am.... but that would be telling. At least for now, I will let the available tools lead you to your own answers.

I will add one tiny tidbit. This post will be dated some time shortly before I write these words, so that this blog begins "officially", as it were, on my birthday.