I don't know if there is anything to really add to the great blogosphere about the film Snakes on a Plane, and yet here I am.

We saw this B-Movie gem the other night. As B-Movies go, it was exactly what you want out of the genre. Screams, slithers, laughs, and bad acting raised to a level that can only be reached by really good actors enjoying themselves. The audience screamed at the right moments, and then laughed at themselves for screaming.

Naturally almost nothing about the plot (there is one?), the situation, the snakes, or the resolution is plausible.

But it shouldn't be. This is a B-Movie, not grand cinema.

To the critics that reviewed it as art, hissss.

The paying audience wasn't hissing.

 (Well, except possibly in an Arizona theater where some pranksters let loose two live diamondbacks during a screaning, which quickly was shut down by screaming but luckily not by any snakebites.)